Wolfgang Linert

Ao.Univ.-Prof.i.R. Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.

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450 papers, reviews and invited contributions to books. Coauthor and Editor of 13 books “Physico-Chemical Applications of NMR” (World Scientific Publishers) and “The Law of Mass Action” (Springer), “Metal Mediated Template Synthesis of Ligands” (World Scientific Publishers, Editor of “Highlights in Solution Chemistry” (Springer), “Molecular Magnetism, recent Highlights” (Springer), “The nature of the Chemical Bond Revisited” (Springer), “Ionic Liquids – A Survey of Recent Developments and Applications” (Springer) and others. Some 400 presentations given at international conferences or based on invitations to scientific invitations.

Present Scientific Activities

The present activities concerns mainly three areas all involving strong international collaboration I) Preparation and Investigation on Cooridnation Compounds showing Temperature Induced Spincrossover ii) Solvato- and Chromotropism of Coordination Compounds and Lewis-acid and base indicators for non-aqueous solvents and solutions. iii) Investigations of the kinetics of redoxreactions concerning oxidative stress and related pathogenic and aging factors in close collaboration with biochemical and medical groups.