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The main research topics of Division Macromolecular Chemistry match in large parts the topics of the former 'Institut für Chemische Technologie Organischer Stoffe'. It merged with other institutes in the course of the administrative reform of the chemical institutes of the University of Technology 2002, to form the Institute of Applied Synthetic Chemistry (IAS).

TU WIEN PCT-Group News


Antonella has been rewarded with the second place for her PhD Pitch entitled „Two-in-one biomaterials: exploring photo-induced polymerization and photodegradation of disulfide-based hydrogels“ hat the TCH Science Days 2024.


Danijela received the “Best Presentation Young Investigator Award” at the Annual Meeting of the Austrian Cluster for Tissue Regeneration, presenting novel biodegradable biomaterials for 3D-printing. Congratulations!


Congratulations to Markus Kury. Is paper on regulated acrylate networks is one of the most downloaded work during 2023.


Florian just published his first paper in JPS: "Group transfer polymerization in bulk methacrylates", Congratulations!!!!

Florian proved that aprotic monomers can be polymerized by group transfer polymerization in a highly controlled manner with polydispersities well below 1.2.

Congratulations to Antonella for her 3rd paper from the diploma work published in ACS Sustainable Chemsitry & Engineering!

"Green Monomers for 3D Printing: Epoxy-Methacrylate Interpenetrating Polymer Networks as a Versatile Alternative for Toughness Enhancement in Additive Manufacturing"

She showed that epoxy based step growth polymer networks can have outstanding mechanical properties.


Congratulations to our Kathi for her Oral Presentation Award on the EPF "Dynamic Polymer Networks" Confernce in Bertinoro, Italy.


Congratulations to Antonella! At the Annual Meeting of the Austrian Cluster for Tissue Regeneration Antonella received the „Best Presentation Young Investigator Award”


On the 25th of April, Kathi received for her PhD thesis entiteled "Development of thermoplastic elastomers for
cardiovascular tissue regeneration" the well recognized VICEM award. Congratulations!


CAS Congrats

Congratulations, Kathi!

This week Dr Katharina Ehrmann was chosen as a “CAS Future Leader 2023” by the Chemical American Society.

CAS annually selects young scientists who have the potential to become scientific leaders. They enable the Future Leaders Fellows’ participation in the ACS Fall Meeting (San Francisco, USA), one of the biggest US conferences in chemistry. Before that, all Fellows are invited to the CAS headquarter in Oregon to attend a leadership training and they get a unique glance behind the scenes of SciFinder-n, one of the leading science information tools in chemistry.


We like to welcome Kathi back at the institute after her succesfull stay at Christopher Barner Kowollik's lab at QUT, Australia. Highlights of her stay are:

  1. Invited lecture at UNSW about SLA-Printing
  2. Invited lecture at RACI Polymerbranch Queensland Symposium 3D-Printing
  3. PPC-Lecture
  4. Distinction from QUT: "significant external recognition"


    Congratulations to Anna for her Poster with the title "Hydrogels based on Human Platelet Lysate" at the Austrian Chemistry Days



    The Paper “Exploring the Limits of Toughness Enhancers for 3D Printed Photopolymers as Bone Replacement Materials.” has been accepted in “Journal of Polymer Science”. Congratulations to Barbara Dellago!!


    Katharina Ehrmann received the “Christiane Hörbiger” Award for her Post Doc stay in Brisbane in the Labs of Christopher Barner-Kowollik, Congratulations!!!


    The paper “Synthesis and Photochemical Investigation of Novel Tetraacylgermanes” has been accepted in “ChemPhotoChem”: Congratulations to Carola Haslinger!!


    The Editorial Board of “Polymer Chemistry” selected the Paper “Photo-chemically induced polycondensation of a pure phenolic resin for additive manufacturing” as a “HOT Polymer Chemistry article”. Congratulations to Raffael Wolff.


    Florian Mayer received the first Poster Award (out of 400 posters) for his contribution on low viscosity reactive diluents for 3D printing. The corresponding paper can be found here. Congratulations!!!


    Lisa Sinawehl received the "Best presentation Young Investigator Award" at the "Austrian Cluster for Tissue Regneration" Cluster Meeting. Congratulations to her!!!!