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The main research topics of Division Macromolecular Chemistry match in large parts the topics of the former 'Institut für Chemische Technologie Organischer Stoffe'. It merged with other institutes in the course of the administrative reform of the chemical institutes of the University of Technology 2002, to form the Institute of Applied Synthetic Chemistry (IAS).

TU WIEN PCT-Group News


Katharina Ehrmann received the “Christian Hörbiger” Award for her Post Doc stay in Brisbane in the Labs of Christopher Barner-Kowollik, Congratulations!!!


The paper “Synthesis and Photochemical Investigation of Novel Tetraacylgermanes” has been accepted in “ChemPhotoChem”: Congratulations to Carola Haslinger!!


The Editorial Board of “Polymer Chemistry” selected the Paper “Photo-chemically induced polycondensation of a pure phenolic resin for additive manufacturing” as a “HOT Polymer Chemistry article”. Congratulations to Raffael Wolff.


Florian Mayer received the first Poster Award for his contribution on low viscosity reactive diluents for 3D printing. The corresponding paper can be found here. Congratulations!!!