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Laszlo Czollner

Projektass. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.

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Laszlo Czollner (b 1955, Vac, Hungary) received his diploma (1981) and doctoral degree (1989) in organic chemistry from the TU Budapest where he had worked with Prof. Csaba Szántay on synthesis of derivatives of benzo quinolizines. After periods of postdoctoral research work on diphosphonate analogue of D-myo-inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate and on analogs of pyrrolidine of neuraminic acid that are useful as vibrio cholerae sialidase inhibitors with prof. Vasella at University of Zürich (1989-1992) he moved to Austria and worked for the company Sanochemia, which is located near Vienna. In collaboration with TU Vienna, prof. Jordis, he developed the total synthesis of the Alzheimer drug called Galantamine. The production of Galantamine had been carried out with the co-operation of Janssen Pharmaceutica and the medicine was registered under the name “Reminyl”.

Afterwards he patented a new synthesis for a compound with centrally acting muscle relaxant effect. Tolperisone (2,4'-dimethyl-3-piperidino-propiophenone) and its acid addition salts are used to prepare medicines against painful spasms, tension or other disease symptoms relating to organs consisting of smooth muscle. The international brand name for the drug Tolperisone is Viveo®.

Project description

Laszlo currently works at the Institute of Applied Synthetic Chemistry at the Vienna University of Technology for the project Stereoselective Synthesis of Derivatives of Tubulysin. The aim of this research project is the alteration and optimization of the chemical synthesis of potential antitumor tubulysin derivatives.