At the moment we offer the following internships:

Molecular Magnetic Materials

Molecular, magnetic materials and, in particular, spin crossover (SCO) compounds offer innovative possibilities for technological applications, e.g. in the fields of data storage or sensor technology.

Research focus:

•   Molecular design of novel iron-SCO compounds
•   Investigations of structur-property-relationships
•   Multifunctional SCO compounds
    •   Porous spin-switchable coordination compounds (MOFs)
    •   Fluorescence-active SCO compounds
•   Combination of  magnetic properties with 3d/4f-elements

We offer:

•   Challenges in the fields of organic synthesis and coordination chemistry
•   Variety of analytical characterisation methods (IR, UV/VIS, fluorescence spectroscopy, NMR, magnetic investigations, XRD, XRF, STA)
•   Independent work at your own workspace
•   Very good work atmosphere in a familial research group

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