Engineering three-dimensional (3D) hydrogels with well-defined architectures has become increasingly important for tissue engineering and basic research in biomaterials science. To fabricate 3D hydrogels with (sub)cellular-scale features, two-photon polymerization (2PP) shows great promise although the technique is limited by the selection of appropriate hydrogel precursors [1]. To mimic the extracellular matrix gelatin has been modified with low toxic vinylester groups [2]. 2PP of this hydrogel precursor has been confirmed in the presence of living tissue without harming them.[3] Essential for 2PP of hydrogels are suitable 2 photon initiators that are water-soluble [4,6]. To avoid the uptake of these initiators into the cell which can lead to serious damage of the cells, these photoinitiators where covalently bound to hyaluronan. [5] Very recently, hydrogels based on polymerizable hyaluronic acid vinylester [7] or on synthetic biocompatible polyvinyl alcohol [8] has been established. Besides the crosslinking of the hydrogel precursors in the presence of cells, the controlled degradation of hydrogels is a possiability to guide cells in the 3D construct [9]. Using the new 2 Photon Grafting technique it is possible to attach cell selective peptides in the 3D volume. [10-12]


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