Long wavelength initiators

Mono- and bis-acylphosphine oxides are state of the art long wavelength photoinitiators. Compared to the classical benzoyl chromophore, the important n-pi* transition is shifted close to 400nm. In the field of dental filling materials and ceramic additive manufacturing longer wavelength photoinitiators are desired. As bimolecular systems like camphorquinone suffer from low reactivity especially in aqueous formulations, a hydrophilic bisacylphosphine oxide as been developed [1].

The long wavelength absorption behaviour of a-cleavable initiators was up to recently limited to bisacyl phosphine oxides with ~450 nm. We have now introduced germanium-based compounds that are successfully applied in dental filling materials under the tradename Ivocerin [2,3].

Based on the sucess, tetraacylgermans [4], tetraacylsilanes [5] and tetraacylstananes [6] were investigated.

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