The seminar will be in presence again and starts @4:00 s.t.

Please have a careful look at the dates! We have several special appointments this semester!

Thursday 11.01.2024, 4pm, s.t., Radinger HS

Theresa Ammann, FB MC

  • Investigation of Anhydrides and Epoxides as Alternative Ring-Opening Monomers for Photo-Copolymerization

Edma Gjata, FB MC

  • Basic(s) in Photochemistry: High-performance Photo Base Generators for Visible Light Initation

Thursday 18.01.2024, 4pm, s.t., Radinger HS

Prof. Rodrigo Lozano, University of Gävle, Sweden

  • Transforming the chemical industry from within: looking for possibilities

Thursday 25.01.2024, 4pm, s.t., Radinger HS

Tobias Gökler, FG HM

  • A protein semi-synthesis approach to elucidate the roles of the regulatory termini of oncoproteins cyclin D and beta-catenin in signal transduction

Mag. Thomas Rohr, FG BSC

  • TBA

Eunice Bujdei, WoodK Plus Linz

  • Lignin depolymerisation by using heterogeneous catalysis and structural characterization of the products