The seminar will be in presence again and starts @4:00 s.t.

Please have a careful look at the dates! We have several special appointments this semester!

Thursday 27.10. 2022, 6pm, Carl Auer von Welsbach Lecture Hall

Prof. Benjamin List, Max-Planck Institute

  • noble laureate 2021 & Lieben-Lecture Award winner


Thursday 03.11.2022, 4pm, s.t., Praktikums HS

Prof. Ashutosh  Chilkoti, Duke University (UK)

  • TBA


Thursday 10.11. 2022, 4pm, s.t., Praktikums HS

Prof. Michael R. Buchweiser, University of Stuttgart

  • Molybdenum/Tungsten Imido/Oxo/Thio Alkylidene N-Heterocyclic Carbene Catalysts: Stereoselective Polymerizations, Immobilization, Selective Macrocyclization and Z-Selective Reactions Under Confinement

Thursday 17.11. 2022, 4pm, s.t., Praktikums HS

Dr Karin Dungler, European Patent Attorney

  • Erfindungen und Patente

Tuesday 22.11. 2022, 4pm, s.t., Praktikums HS !!! Sondertermin !!!

Dr. Ruth L. Webster, University of Bath (UK)

  • Iron Catalysed Deuteration Reactions

Thursday 24.11.2022, 4pm, s.t., Praktikums HS

Michael Weiser, FG KS

  • Towards continuous flow enantioselective alpha-alkylation of ketones via direct enamine photoexcitation

Lara Maltovsky, FG BSC

  • Indium Mediated Acyloxyallylation of Aldoses - Fundamentals and Applications

Dina Lebed, FG KK

  • TBA

Tuesday 29.11. 2022, 3pm, s.t., Knoller HS !!! Sondertermin !!!

Prof. Bartholomäus Pieber, Max-Planck Institute

  • Controlling the selectivity of photocatalytic reactions using different colors of light

Friday 02.12.2022, 12pm, s.t., Praktikums HS !!! Sondertermin !!!

Prof. Pedro Gois, Universidade de Lisboa

  • N-terminal Cysteine: A Hot-Spot for Bioconjugation

Tuesday 13.12. 2022, 3pm, s.t., Praktikums HS

DI Dorian Bader, FG HM

  • Bringing Tetrazine Ligation to the Surface: Addressable Self Assembled Monolayers on Gold

Lavinia Klement, FG HM

  • Introducing NHC-based self-assembled monolayers into biomimetic membranes

Thursday 12.01.2023, 4pm, s.t., Praktikums HS

Sarah Kratzwald, University of Vienna

  • Histidine and phosphoTyrosine labeling for NMR applications

Verena Scheiblreiter, FG BSC

  • Evaluating catalytic methods for starch oxidation

Thursday 19.01.2023, 4pm, s.t., Praktikums HS

DI Hubert Kalaus, FG BSC

  • Oxidation of Starch wit a Laccase-Mediator System - Turning multiple Screws for optimal Performance

MSc Julia Jodlbauer, FG BSC

  • Development of a genetic tool box for cyanobacteria to enhance whole-cell redox biocatalysis driven by photosynthesis.

Thursday 26.01.2023, 4pm, s.t., Praktikums HS

Raffael Baumfried, FB MC

  • Tuning spiropyran-merocyanine-type metastable photoacids (mPAHs) for usage as bulk initiator

Jo Schoup, FB MC

  • Two-component Redox Initiation Systems for Bone Adhesives