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1) The seminar will be held via Zoom and starts @4:00 pm s.t.

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Thursday 15.04.2021, 4pm Uhr s.t., via zoom

Prof. Joanna Wencel-Delord, University of Strasbourg

Diverse C-H functionalization strategies: modern solution for sustainable synthesis of complex molecules


C-H activation has been one of the most rapidly expanding fields of synthetic chemistry. Over the last decade, it has established itself as a prominent tool to build up molecular complexity in a more sustainable manner. Stereoselective C-H activation offers, in particular, a great opportunity to access high-value-added chiral molecules from the very simple precursors. Our group is thus particularly interested in the development of new methodologies for asymmetric C-H activation. Following this goal, we have designed a general and highly efficient synthesis of axially chiral biaryl compounds, via sulfoxide-directed C-H activation. Besides, the sulfoxide motif has also turned out to be a unique handle to design new chiral ligands for enantioselective C(sp3)-H activation.In addition C-N axially chiral molecules have been attracting growing interest, but an asymmetric synthesis of such scaffolds is still very rare. We have thus designed the first metal-catalyzed atroposelective N-arylation. Such unique asymmetric Ullmann coupling delivers the C-N axially chiral compounds, appealing skeletons for the pharmaceutical industry. Finally, truly sustainable, metal-free functionalizations of biologically relevant heterocyclic compounds, implying visible-light activation, will be discussed.

Thursday 29.04.2021, 4pm, s.t., via zoom

Danijela Kojic, FB MC

Spirocyclic Monomers for Hot Lithography Technology

Pontus Rusegger, FB MC

Photopolymerizable nanostructured SBS Blockcopolymers

Thursday 06.05.2021, 4pm, s.t., via zoom

Ines Blaha, FG KK


MSc Aitor Sainz-Martinez, FG KS

Supercritical carbon dioxide meets ionic liquid: novel strategies for catalysis and biomass extractions

Monika Perisisc, FG BSC

Synthesis of Selective Tracers for the Oxytocin Receptor Imaging

Thursday 20.05.2021, 4pm, s.t., via zoom

Jessica Sohl, FB MC

Influence of chain transfer agents on the quality of 3D printed zirconia components

Florian Mayer, FB MC

Interpenetrating polymer networks in 3D printing

Thursday 27.05.2021, 4pm, s.t., via zoom

DI Jan Pecak, FG KK

Nitrosyl pincer complexes with non-precious metals 

Andrea Schiefer, FG HM

Accelerated bioorthogonal drug activation in cancer cells upon independent double-targeting

Thursday 10.06.2021, 4pm, s.t., via zoom

Tina Gurmann, FB MC

Development of a synthetic hemostatic patch based on poly(vinyl alcohol)

Carola Haslinger, FB MC

Stimuli-responsive hydrogels based on poly(2-oxazoline)s

Thursday 17.06.2021, 4pm, s.t., via zoom

Astrid Schiefer, FG BSC

Synthesis and evaluation of water-soluble ABAO assay substrates for application in FADS 

DI Sebastian Hecko, FG BSC


Thursday 24.06.2021, 4pm, s.t., via zoom

MSc Blanca Vega Alanis, FG BSC

Synthesis of novel GABAA receptor modulators

Jakob Smith, FG BSC

Bioactive Heterocycles - From the Bench to Automated Synthesis