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Projects & Funding

“It’s hard to explain to people what the significance of an invention is, so it’s hard to get funding. The first thing they say is that it can’t be done. Then they say, “You didn't do it right.” Then, when you’ve done it, they finally say, “Well, it was obvious anyway.”

Robert S. Ledley (1926-2012, dentist, physicist, and biomedical researcher; inventor of the first whole-body CT scanner; link to NY Times article)


It's nothing new that it's not easy to get projects funded. So, we are very grateful to the funding agencies for their support of our research!


2020-2023  bioTIME, Joint International Project, Austrian Science Fund (FWF), in collaboration with Dr. Milan Vrabel (IOCB Prague), co-funded by the Czech Science Foundation (GAČR), HM as PI

2019-2023   bioSTAR, Young Investigator Research Group ('Zukunftskolleg'), Austrian Science Fund (FWF), HM as PI and coordinator

2016-2021   Click-It, European Union's HORIZON 2020 programme, grant agreement #668532, HM as PI at TU Wien and work package leader

2018-2021   QUANTIS, Austrian Research Agency (FFG), in collaboration with ARCHIMED Life Science GmbH, HM as PI

2014-2017   Bioorthogonal Imaging of Therapeutic B-Raf Inhibition, Austrian Science Fund (FWF), Schrödinger Fellowship and return phase

2014-2017   GlycoNanoProbes, Austrian Research Agency (FFG), HM as PI

2014-2017   CarboMyco, Austrian Research Agency (FFG), HM as PI

2013-2016   Diagnostics in NBS, Austrian Research Agency (FFG), HM as Co-PI