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Interested in the development of new bioorthogonal tools, in vivo chemistry and theranostic strategies?
The MolChemBio group is always seeking motivated young researchers who are interested in joining our projects and efforts at the interface of chemistry and biology. Most people currently working in our labs have been trained in synthetic chemistry, but as we keep moving closer toward chemical biology, interested PhD/postdoc candidates with a more biological background (e.g. trained in cell culture, fluorescence microscopy, in vitro assays, etc.) are encouraged to contact us too.

PhD and postdoc positions: Please directly contact Hannes and send your CV and a short cover letter briefly describing why you would like to join us. Even in case there are no job openings at the moment we can and are happy to help you with acquiring national or international third-party funds or scholarships.

Undergraduate students interested in doing their Bachelor's thesis or an optional lab course in organic chemistry ('Wahlpraktikum') in our lab are asked to contact current PhD students or postdocs, but can also send an email to Hannes. Highly dedicated Bachelor students will be given the opportunity to obtain further training in the course of the MolChemBio JChem program. Please just contact and talk to us for more information.