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1) The seminar will be at the Vortmann-HS and starts @4:30 pm s.t.

2) Please have a carefull look at the program. We have several special appointments this semester!

Thursday 13.06.2019, 16:30 Uhr s.t., Vortmann-HS

Kristina Hager, (FG RL)

Hochtemperaturfeste Dual-Cure-Materialien für die Hot Lithography  

Lisa Sinawehl, (FG RL)

Kationische Photopolymerisation in der Hot Lithography 

MSc. Mahtab Hejazifar(FG KS)

Thermomorphic catalysis in microemulsions

Thursday 27.06.2019, 16:30 Uhr s.t., Vortmann-HS

Prof. Peter Krajnc, University of Maribor

Emulsion templating - toolbox for innovative porous materials

Monday 01.07.2019, 14:00 Uhr s.t., Seminarraum BA 02B - !!! Sondertermin !!!

Prof. Roger D. Kamm, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Microphysiological models for diseases of the brain


Many of the most debilitating and life-threatening diseases are associated with the central nervous system. Some, such as neurodegenerative diseases, predominately afflict our aging population. Yet others such as brain cancers and ALS are prevalent among young and old alike. In this presentation, models will be presented that attempt to recapitulate certain aspects of the brain and these diseases, both to probe the disease process, and as a platform to screen for new therapeutics. Three examples will be presented. First, a model for the healthy blood-brain barrier and neurovascular unit have been developed in order to capture the essential aspects associated with these diseases. Second, the blood-brain barrier model is used to study metastasis of cancers to the brain, as well as primary glioblastoma. In the third part of the talk, a model for the healthy and diseased neuromuscular junction will be presented as a step toward developing therapeutic strategies for treating ALS. To conclude, recent work toward the development of organoid-based models of the brain will be discussed with a look to future applications and opportunities.