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1) The seminar will be at the Vortmann-HS and starts @4:30 pm s.t.

2) Please have a carefull look at the program. We have several special appointments this semester!

Adolf Lieben Lectureship - Dienstag 21.03.2017, 17:30 Uhr s.t., TUtheSky - !!! SONDERTERMIN !!!

Prof. Varinder AGGARWAL, University of Bristol

Assembly Line Organic Synthesis

Mittwoch 29.03.2017, 17:00 Uhr s.t., Vortmann-HS, !!! SONDERTERMIN !!!

Prof Laurence Harwood, Reading University

The Development of Ligand Systems for Separating Minor Actinides from Lanthanides for Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing


Donnerstag 06.04.2017, 16:30 Uhr s.t., Vortmann-HS

MSc. Magan Montoto Yago, FG MM

Organic Molecules as Phase Change Materials

Sebastian Schörpf, FG RL

Synthesis of new vinylcyclopropanes for dental composites

Donnerstag 27.04.2017, 16:30 Uhr s.t., Vortmann-HS

Dr. Michael Fink, Harvard University

Water and protein surfaces: an unfavorable coexistence


Water is much smaller than most other biological molecules, and still, its peculiar property to form networks of hydrogen bond make the effects of solvation large: large enough to strongly influence many interactions of apolar compounds in water. We argue that the interaction of such hydrophobic molecules in water is determined by a single mechanism, that depends on the energetically unfavorable structure of water networks close to hydrophobic surfaces. We test our hypotheses using a robust physical-organic model, the enzyme human carbonic anhydrase, rationalize thermodynamic and crystallographic results using molecular dynamics, and will present experimental evidence for both enthalpic and entropic hydrophobic effects, and surprising instances of enthalpy-entropy compensation.

Donnerstag 04.05.2017, 16:30 Uhr s.t., Vortmann-HS

Manuel Spettel, FG MM

Quaternary ammonium salts as alkylation reagents in C-H activation chemistry

Ayatollahi Leila Hamideh, FG MM

Synthetic studies towards bioactive compounds

Clara Schweinzer, FG PE

Self-nanoemulsifying drug delivery system

Donnerstag 11.05.2017, 16:30 Uhr s.t., Vortmann-HS

Dr. Lukas Huber, University of Innsbruck

Drug-screening and -development for Multiple Myeloma in tissue like co-culture systems


Donnerstag 18.05.2017, 16:30 Uhr s.t., Vortmann-HS

Sascha Stanic, FG RL

3D printing of filled hydrogels as ceramic precursors and biocomposites

DI Christian Knoll, FG PW

Thermochemical energy storage materials based on metal oxides, carbonates and oxalates – material optimization and reaction kinetics

Dienstag 23.05.2017, 10:15 Uhr s.t., Seminarraum BD02, !!! SONDERTERMIN !!!

Prof. Pat Guiry, University College Dublin

Recent Advances in Asymmetric Catalysis


Donnerstag 01.06.2017, 16:30 Uhr s.t., Vortmann-HS

MSc Alice Cognigni, FG PG

Surface-active ionic liquids in synthesis and catalysis

Stefan Weber, FG PG

Catalysis with non-precious metals in biphasic systems

Martin Gollowitzer, PW

Synthetic Approaches to novel crystalline sponges

Donnerstag 08.06.2017, 16:30 Uhr s.t., Vortmann-HS

Prof. Martin Prechtl, Univesity Köln

Molecular and nanoscale catalysts for selective dehydrogenation and hydrogenation reactions


Donnerstag 22.06.2017, 16:30 Uhr s.t., Vortmann-HS

Jan Pecak, FG KK

Base Metal Nitrosyl Pincer Complexes

DI Mathias Glatz, FG KK

Manganese and Iron Pincer Complexes: Synthesis and Catalytic Applications

Marcello Entner, FG MM

Synthesis of Cinnamic acid derivatives under biocompatible reaction conditions