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Official Address:
Getreidemarkt 9/163
A-1060 Vienna / Austria

Local Map of the area (E163/Divison MC is located in the upper left corner)

You can enter the campus area Getreidemarkt from several directions - Getreidemarkt, Lehargasse and Gumpendorferstrasse. Every building has a building code (written in big white letters on buildings) like BA, BB, BC... research division MC is located in building BC (also named "Lehartrakt"), 3rd floor. Porters/security staff is located in building BA ground floor, if you need guidance or help.

The campus area is reachable by public transport: underground lines U1, U2, U4, tram, busses. Please visit the official City Map application at http://www.wien.gv.at/stadtplan/en/ or Google Maps for details.

If you visit us by car - there is an underground car park in/beneath building BC, you enter it from Lehargasse (